I was seen by physical therapists and other Chiropractors in Cumming prior to seeing Dr. Goldsmith. My pains interfered with my daily life as it was difficult to exercise and work. I was able to return to work after my very first visit with Dr. Goldsmith, with virtually no discomfort. After my second visit, I started running again. I love the fact that you can walk into his office without an appointment and other doctors tend to set you up on a treatment plan lasting several weeks/months. Dr. Goldsmith has never pushed this approach. He does what is necessary. He is more thorough and seems more knowledgeable than the other chiropractors I have visited.

– Stan M.

It all started in June 2005 when I decided to give chiropractic a try. I had heard many wonderful things about Dr. Goldsmith from my colleagues. I’d been suffering from migraines for 20 plus years. I’d have close to 20 every month and was getting no relief. I had previously seen multiple medical doctors and had been taking migraine meds regularly for years. Sometimes I would just have to go to bed and stay there. “This is no way to live,” I would think to myself. So, in desperation, I decided to give chiropractic a try. I began to feel results after my first visit. Although I still get the occasional migraine, they are MUCH less intense and frequent than they were before I began chiropractic care. Plus, I feel better in general. I was one of the most skeptical people about chiropractic on earth until I tried it. I wish I’d only tried chiropractic sooner instead of suffering needlessly for 20 years.

– Gail T.

I tried other local chiropractors over the years, and then I found Dr. Eli Goldsmith. He is the only one who was able to help me with my extreme shoulder pains and keep me on the basketball court. Plus, his explanation of my problem just made sense.

– Matt P.

I was originally skeptical about trying chiropractic, but my wife convinced me it was worth a try since nothing else seemed to help. I made an appointment with Dr. Eli and after adjusting my neck, shoulder, and arm, I noticed a reduction in the arm pain, decreased tingling, and more strength and mobility. I also noticed that I was sleeping better.

– Ken N.

I’ve been going to chiropractors since I was a kid. Seen my fair share of duds that couldn’t even adjust my neck etc. After moving and losing a chiropractor to cancer that I had gone to over 15 yrs I needed to find someone new. We moved into the area in 2016 and were able to find Gold Wellness Center.I can tolerate pain, but I tend to go in when I really have done something to my neck or back etc. Lately, it’s carrying my special needs son around I find myself needing more adjustments. I actually had to go in just yesterday because I had pulled something in my back. I hadn’t ever felt this kind of pain before and thankfully Eli was able to work on me to give me relief. Later on in the day I kept feeling much better and know it was from my adjustment. When something works for you, you just feel it.

– Mary D.

I was referred after my car accident by my father in law who has been seeing Dr. Eli for his back issues for some time. After just a few visits the neck tension from my accident was gone. After about 6 visits I had fewer headaches, body aches, and a lifelong issue with my knees popping had nearly stopped. Going to the chiropractor has changed my life. Dr.Eli is gentle and caring I will definitely continue to visit.

– Kerri G.

If you are in search of an excellent chiropractor experience use Golds Wellness. He knows and is full-on experienced in his field. I’ve been to others in the past but this doctor knows what he’s doing. Highly recommend.

– Tracy L.

I was in so much pain on the golf course trying to push through another round, when one of my usual four-some noticed my pain and my awful swing (usually fluid). He told me to go see Dr. Eli, just like he did. I was scared as I had never been to a chiropractor before. After examining me, like I never had before, he explained my problem to me and adjusted me. The sound scared me, but the relief was instant. Next time on the course, I had my best round EVER, hitting the ball 25 yards further definitely helps. As Dr. Eli said to me, “If your head ain’t on straight, you ain’t hitting straight.

– Bill P.