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At Gold Wellness Center in Cumming, GA, our team’s focus is always on the expert and compassionate chiropractic care of our patients. Our patients come to us with either sudden-onset or chronic pain and discomfort. This pain may be caused by a range of things and we deliver effective pain relief without invasive surgery or pharmaceuticals.

Meet our Chiropractor

Dr. Eli Goldsmith is a licensed chiropractor with years of experience. You only have one spine, and Dr. Goldsmith uses the latest diagnostic treatment and technologies to relieve the pain and discomfort to get you, back into the active and pain-free life you have every right to lead.

Services Offered

Dr. Goldsmith and his clinical staff offer professional chiropractic treatments for low back pain and related disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

What you need to know is that misalignment and other disorders of the spine can cause pain and discomfort throughout the body. Patients come to us in great pain due to sports injuries old and new, slip and fall incidents, workplace or vehicular accidents, and endless other causes.  

Gentle chiropractic techniques including spinal adjustments can naturally alleviate pain and work wonders after just a few sessions. Lower back pain, sciatica, disc problems, headaches, and migraines are among the disorders we can successfully treat. We treat conditions therapeutically, without drugs or needles. Massage therapy can further aid in pain relief, relax muscles, and soothe the anxiety that will help the body naturally heal itself.

Our patients might also receive corrective exercises to help in the treatment of new disorders and to proactively avoid future injury. The lifestyle and nutritional advice we extend can also help you to lead a fuller, healthier, and more vibrant life.

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Don’t try to ignore skeletal pain or discomfort. Lower back pain and other musculoskeletal issues because they do not simply heal themselves. There’s no reason you or a loved one should suffer in silence or self-treat through an endless cycle of often harmful pain meds. Not when there’s a better way. 

It all starts with a consultation. Dr. Goldsmith and his team will listen to you, diagnose your condition, and offer effective chiropractic results. At Gold Wellness Center we’re here for your pain alleviation through attentive chiropractic care.  If you are in Cumming, GA we are here to call us at (678) 513-8848 to schedule your appointment today and receive the care that you deserve.


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