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Car Accident

Car accidents are a serious event. Even seemingly minor accidents can result in pain, injuries, and lost time at work. An injury resulting from a car wreck can turn into a chronic pain issue when it is left untreated. In order to make sure you fully recover from your auto accident, it is important for you to seek treatment for any injuries or pain you have resulting from your accident. At Gold Wellness Center, serving Cumming, GA, we make it our top priority to help keep our clients healthy and pain free following car accidents. Keep reading to learn why you should consider visiting our chiropractor.  


Reduce Inflammation  

One of the biggest complaints following an auto accident injury is pain associated with inflammation. Inflammation will occur anytime the tissues of the body are traumatized. The sudden jolting and jarring of a vehicle during a car accident will produce this type of trauma.  

When inflammation is left untreated, it can cause permanent damage to the tissues and joints in your body. Chiropractic care specializes in manipulating the joints and tissues of the body in such a way as to reduce inflammation as well as pain.  

Improve Range of Motion  

Another side effect of car accidents is stiffness. This is a common complaint from people who have been in collisions. When parts of the body are moved outside of their comfort zone, muscles and joints respond with stiffness. This is your body’s natural way of saying it needs time to adjust and heal.  

Often, our response to this stiffness is to move less and less. When we do this, we begin to reduce our range of motion significantly.  This is not the appropriate response to body stiffness. Our bodies need to keep moving in order to move through the stiffness. A chiropractor can help you by establishing exercises which will keep you moving in the right way to work through your stiffness.  

If your stiffness is a result of a more serious injury, x-rays will reveal to the doctor if more intense treatment is necessary.  

Drug-Free Pain Management  

One of the best benefits of chiropractic care is that it can help to reduce pain throughout the whole body. When your spine is properly aligned and your range of motion is healthy, your body will release pain reducing hormones which literally make you feel good all over.   

If you would like to learn more about our services, contact our office at Gold’s Wellness Center, serving Cummings, GA. Our number is (678)-513-8848.


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