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At Gold Chiropractic in Cumming, we focus on helping our patients overcome the pain and dysfunction that can be caused by an auto accident injury, slip and fall accident or sports injury. After you get into a crash, slip and fall, or suffer a sports injury, you may have a concussion.


Headaches and migraines can result from concussions, as can many other symptoms. If you need help with chronic headaches and migraines, dizziness, nausea, or other symptoms, our chiropractor can help. 

How Can Chiropractors Help Patients with Concussions?

When a patient suffers from a concussion, one thing that may happen is that the cervical spine could be impacted. When the cervical spine is out of alignment, it is more common for patients to suffer from headaches and migraines. They may also have neck pain and other troubling symptoms. 

After a car crash, sports injury or other kind of accident, the spine may be out of alignment. There are 33 vertebrae that must hold you upright. Any misalignment can lead to trouble in how your cells communicate. 

What Happens After a Concussion?

The impact that causes a concussion is jarring. It is common to see the spine be out of alignment as a direct result of hitting your head or due to whiplash.

After seeking medical care for your concussion in an emergency room or through a primary care visit, our chiropractor will perform an evaluation and help with the long-term management of the condition. Our chiropractor will perform a physical exam and then suggest treatments and services that address the root cause of symptoms you're currently suffering. 

An adjustment is one of the first steps, which is quick and painless. This adjustment helps get your vertebrae back in alignment, so your body can begin to heal properly. 

Set Up an Appointment with Our Chiropractor at Gold Chiropractic in Cumming

Rest, time, patience and good alignment make a big difference in how you heal from a concussion. Once you have clearance from your conventional medical provider, it is time to look into treatments with chiropractic techniques. Contact us to make an appointment today at Gold Chiropractic in Cumming. Whether you have had an auto accident injury, slip and fall accident or sports injury that have led to a concussion, we can address the underlying misalignment of the spine and help you heal. Call today to set up your appointment as soon as possible. 


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