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Gold Wellness Center has been serving our neighbors in Cumming, Dawsonville and Gainesville for over 15 years. From small beginnings, we have helped thousands regain overall health, well being and quality of life in Forsyth County.

I have a unique approach of diagnosing what is going on with you and how I can help you.

I am often asked, “How does a chiropractor determine what is wrong with a person since pain cannot be measured?“. My basis for your exam is based on the fact if you are cut straight down from the middle of your head to the bottom of your torso, YOU WOULD HAVE 2 OF EVERYTHING REGARDING YOUR MUSCLES AND BONES. Therefore, everything done on the left side should equal the right side. I measure how far you can move THE troubled area, how smooth you can move it, and how strong it is. If there is a substantial difference side to side, I use my expertise to make adjustments and then measure it again. If all goes well, the troubled area moves further, smoother, and has more strength AND YOU SAY…”HEY DOC, IT FEELS BETTER.  

If that does not happen, your visit is free of charge.

Chiropractic Services

Gold Chiropractic utilizes the latest in state-of-the-art technology and equipment to effectively document and treat injuries as well as guide your progress toward optimal health.

* Flexion-Distraction table effectively treats disc problems and sciatic symptoms.
* Hi frequency X-ray unit minimizes patient exposure time and overall radiation.
* Muscle Stimulation and Ultrasound units reduce muscle spasms and decrease pain.
* Chiropractic Adjustment- the technique in which a Chiropractor skillfully applies pressure to an area of the spine that is determined to be out of alignment. This misalignment is called a subluxation. The result of the adjustment is reduced pain and inflammation, as well as improved function to the injured area.

Additionally, we offer relaxation and deep tissue massage, and a full-range of nutritional supplements.

Treatment Excellence

  • Headache & migraine pain

  • Low back pain

  • Leg pain & sciaitica pain

  • Tennis elbow & shoulder

  • Hip, knee, & ankle pain

  • Tension & Stress relief