The Chiropractic Story

It all started in 1895 when DD Palmer, the founder of chiropractic was talking to the office custodian, Harvey Lillard.  Mr. Lillard had been deaf in his right ear for over 17 years and he told DD that it all started when he was lifting a bucket and felt a pop in his upper back.  The result of that pop, was total deafness in his right ear.  DD told him that if a bone popped out of place and he went deaf, if the bone was put back in place, think what would happen.  Harvey said, “Hopefully, I’d be able to hear again.”  So, DD felt Harvey’s back and sure enough felt a bone that was more prominent than the rest.  When he touched it, Harvey said “Oww.”  DD then convinced Harvey to let him push on it and sure enough, after DD pushed on it, the bone POPPED back into place and Harvey could hear again.  THIS WAS THE BIRTH OF CHIROPRACTIC.

When word of this “miracle” got around town, hundreds of people came to Dr. Palmer hoping he could fix their problems.  So, Palmer started adjusting everyone.  Sick people got well and his adjustments prevented the well from getting sick.

Now forward 50 years later, as thousands of people were getting better without drugs or surgeries, the medical and pharmaceutical communities were losing money and had to do something to preserve their livelihood. So, the American Medical Association started a campaign to discredit chiropractors.   This went on for nearly 25 years until the mid 1970’s, when a group of chiropractors sued the AMA in the United States Supreme Court and the AMA was found GUILTY OF CONSPIRACY (please google… Wilks vs AMA).  Unfortunately, 25 years of lies did a lot of damage and has taken a long time to rectify. It’s sad but it all boiled down to the medical doctor’s bank accounts. NOT YOU OR YOUR HEALTH. Remember, medical doctors only get paid if you feel pain or feel sick.

Think about this… “IF MEDICINES MADE YOU HEALTHY, WOULDN’T THE PERSON ON THE MOST MEDS BE THE HEALTHIEST.”  It’s quite the opposite, isn’t it?


You can either continue to do it the MEDICAL DOCTOR way

700,000 deaths per year

$5,267 per year per person and still in pain or living on meds

Hundreds to Thousands of pills per year (only 3 a day=1095/year).


Or you can try the CHIROPRACTIC way

85% less in pharmaceutical costs

62% fewer outpatient surgeries

60% fewer hospital admissions

59% fewer days in the hospital

(Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, May 2001)


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